When you think about all that goes in to traveling, it’s easy to see how these scenarios are common. Besides the planning and additional stress, you now may be driving to a new, never-before-driven-in location. Driving is unpredictable—traveling through areas that are unknown means the driver may need more time to process and evaluate the roadway. It’s important to keep a clear, level mindset.

All Flagger Force employees go through Smith Driving training. This essential education helps to combat potential incidents and reduce risks on the road. The Five Keys of the Smith Driving System are:


1.Aim High in Steering

This refers to eye lead, or how far ahead you’re looking while driving. Having a longer eye lead increases your evaluation time and area. The key to mastering this key is to look farther ahead.


2.Get the Big Picture

Maintain a “circle of awareness.” To do this, minimize barriers that impact your vision by keeping a proper follow distance and checking your mirrors frequently.


3.Keep Your Eyes Moving

Avoid focusing on objects for more than two seconds and blank, fixed stares by keeping your eyes moving. This technique keeps your mind alert and allows you to see early warning signs.


4.Leave Yourself an Out

Build yourself a cushion—this is extra space that surrounds your vehicle. Avoid traffic clusters when possible. The extra space will give you more time to react and the ability to anticipate the actions of other drivers.

5.Make Sure They See You

Seek eye contact and be sure you’re using proper warning devices (e.g. turn signals, horn, etc.) at the proper times. The key to safety is clear communication.


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