Seat Belt Use

Myth VS Reality

Myth VS Reality (Fact)

Myth Reality (Fact)
“I can move around, back and forth in my shoulder harness, so the safety belt system isn’t working.” Newer safety restraints are designed to allow movement. The belt system “locks” when the vehicle goes off-center from severe braking or from a swerve to prevent us from hitting the dashboard.
“The safety belt will trap me in a burning or submerged vehicle.” Less than one-half of one percent of injury producing collisions involves fire or submersion. If we do not wear our safety belts, we have a very good chance of being knocked unconscious and not responding.
“It is better to be thrown out of your vehicle if you have a collision.” If we do not wear of safety belts, and are thrown out of our vehicle, our chances of being seriously injured increase 25 times and our chance of being FATALLY injured increases 6 times.
“I’m only driving a short distance, so I don’t really need to wear my safety belt. I won’t be in a crash.” Most of our driving trips are short distances. Research shows:

  • An average trip length was 9.1 miles.
  • 90% of all trips were 19 miles or less.
  • 95% were short distances of 30 miles or less.
  • 64% of all trips were 5 miles or less.

With so much travel close to home; it is more likely that we will be involved in a crash that occurs within 30 miles or less of our home.

“I don’t need to wear a safety belt. The air bag alone will protect me in a crash.” Air bags are designed to work with lap and shoulder belts. They do not provide protection to unbelted vehicle occupants.




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